Scores and Percentiles


This report displays a list of students ordered by benchmark scores with a corresponding potential instructional action. This report is available in both tabular and graphical format.

Students are listed by number correct on the General Outcome Measure (highest to lowest) and Performance Summary. This report uses coloring, which is user defined, to display the groupings for students by percentile rank.

Note: If you select to view this report as a graph, click here for the report-specific information.

The Distribution by Scores and Percentile Table lists student scores under the following headers

Student scores are listed at the >90th, >75th, >25th, and 10th percentiles for the selected General Outcome Measure based on grade level within the school. Potential Instructional Action is listed based on each student's score. The color for each table section depends on the particular performance level colors selected by the AIMSweb Manager .

The legend displays the colors corresponding to the performance summary bars on the graph.

Note: If the scores are criterion -referenced, the Performance Summary indicated in the report legend are replaced by classifications related to the criteria.

Clicking a student's name displays the student's benchmark scores for the current school year.

Note: If the scores are criterion-referenced, the Performance Summary Potential Instructional Action, and the percentile classifications are replaced by classifications related to the criteria.

Report Options

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