School Level Reports

All manager and reporter users can view AIMSweb Benchmark reports at the school level.  School level reports include scores from all students within a selected school.

At the top of the page are headings for District, School, Grade, and Class . If you have multiple districts, schools, etc, these will be displayed in drop-down menus with a Go button to the right of each category. Select your views based on these drop-down menus.



Viewing School Reports

  1. Select the Reports tab at the top of the page.

  2. Then, select the School sub-tab at the left of the page to open the School reports page.

  3. Select the skill-area tab you wish to view from the tabs directly above the report icons.

  4. Select the desired General Outcome Measure from the corresponding radio button (circle).

  5. Click the report icon for the report you wish to generate.

Note: If there are multiple schools within the district, select the school from the School drop-down menu and click the Go button. All reports generated from the school level will include data from all students in all grades of the selected school.