AIMSweb National Norm Table Report

AIMSweb National Norms have replaced the existing AIMSweb Aggregate Norms for most measures and grade levels. The National Norms are based on demographically stratified samples that represent the national student population. These samples were drawn from schools that conduct universal screening (i.e., testing at least 95% of enrolled students at the grade level).  The AIMSweb Aggregate Norms are still used for all unsupported grade levels and measures. For multi-measure reports, both non-stratified and stratified data could be used.

Note: National Norms are not available for grade levels P3-P5, the MIDE , DIBELS, DIBELS Next, R-SPAN, R-PATH, WE-WSC, WE-TWW , or any third-party measure.  The AIMSweb Aggregate Norms will be used when National Norms are unavailable.

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Note: National normative data for grades 9-12 are available as downloadable reference tables for the following AIMSweb measures:





Written Expression (TWW, CWS, WSC)