Behavior Action Plans

Action Plans should be created for students who are thought to be at risk for behavioral, prosocial, or motivational problems. Action Plans are used to target and select behaviors to monitor, and to select interventions designed to help improve prosocial behaviors and motivation levels, as well as reduce problem behaviors. Students displayed on this list were selected from the Behavior-Benchmark tab.

  1. Click the Behavior tab to open the Behavior module.


    This screen opens to the Benchmark tab and displays all students in the class. Students who were previously assessed display with scores and date of assessment. Elevated scores are highlighted in yellow or red. If one of the ratings contains elevated scores, the Area of Concern is Yes and Select for Intervention is checked. However, any of the students can be selected for intervention or de-selected by checking or unchecking the box in the Select for Intervention column.

    To rate a student who has not been previously rated, click the Rate Now link in the corresponding column. See Entering Behavior Scores for more information about rating students.

  2. After selecting students,  click Save and Next to open the Action Plan page.

Creating an Action Plan